Your experience/need to know


Your experience
You never play paintball? Here is a day here! First at your entrance, you will be greeted by a member of our team. After a short discussion, you will be invited to sign our release of responsibility (you can find it also on our site in the price section, if you want to fill it before your arrival). Following your registration and payment, we will provide the tracksuit. As soon as the referee is free, he will invite you to follow him in the room provided for the explanations and operation of your day. You can then enjoy your experience with us!



Here are some important details to know during your visit:
1- COVID 19 – (BRING YOUR OWN CLOTHS)  We do not longer offer tracksuit. Comfortable clothing is recommended if you want it. 
2- NO PAINTBALLS FROM OUTSIDE WILL BE TOLERATED HERE. This is a security question! we had paintball from different color and we will check for it. Be advise . Balls may be played the buying day. Only members can bring back there balls.
3- We are a pro-security team! No violence on the ground or on the spot will be tolerated! Paintball is a friendly sport so no ‘overshoot’ will be accepted under penalty of retaliation.
4- Several safety rules have been put in place and we want them to be respected.
5- And most importantly, have fun! It’s your smiles that make the days unforgettable here 🙂

6- Since september 1,  the mesh is provided for security questions.